Primary Schools PE Xpo Entry Information

Entry Fee: For payment -cheques payable to ‘PEXPO’. Cheques can be posted to arrive by 24th April (the day after the closing date) to Susan Marron C/O IPPEA, School of Arts Education and Movement, Institute of Education, DCU, St. Patrick's Campus, Dublin 9. 


How to Enter: Please register Primary Projects by sending an email to Include school name and contact details, class teacher name and contact telephone number and finally the project title. Please state how many children and teachers will attend on the PExpo day. 

IPPEA Prizes: €100 voucher for the class teacher and €200 sports equipment voucher for the class for PE usage. A certificate will be presented/posted to all school entries.

The Project Brief: The primary school PE Xpo theme is 'What we have learned in Physical Education'. The teacher with a selection of children, presents their project as outlined on the PE Xpo website > Project Info Tab > Teachers Booklet, on the PE Xpo day. Children keep a Physical Education Diary to record their learning based on Head, Heart, and Hands (Cognitive/ Knowledge learning, Affective/Emotional learning and Physical learning). The children will highlight their learning in a diary through the Head, Heart and Hands learning process.

Primary Schools Information Booklet 2021

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