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Sample Projects

Overall Senior Winners 2023:

"Mind Over Matter" of St. Columba's Stranorlar created an “Awareness Resource Pack” to help sports clubs strengthen their players’ mindsets and maximise their sporting performance.
If you would like to buy a Mind Over Matter resource pack for your club or school, contact Mind Over Matter here. 

Mind Over Matter

Junior Nutrition Winner 2021:

Caoimhe Walsh of St. Brogan's College

Co. Cork investigated if having a traffic light system in school canteens would help students make healthier food choices. 

"CAN-TEENS make better food choices?"

Senior Components of Fitness Winner 2021:

Harry Curtis of St. Peter's College Co. Wexford examined how to improve fitness in three areas- physical, psychological and nutritional - in order to enhance a person's ability to perform in the last 10 minutes of a game or race. 

"How to improve performance in the last 10 minutes of Competition"

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