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Your child will need your support over the coming months in the planning and preparation of their project for the PExpo in May. A good start in getting to grips with the PExpo is to thoroughly read this website, but the main things you need to know are listed below.



The following advice is given to ensure that the students you accompany to the PExpo are your primary focus and that they feel a strong sense of support and security.

·         Adults should set good examples and serve as role models not  only for students that they accompany but for all young people at the PExpo.

·         Adults should know where their students are at all times and students should know where their teacher/parent is at all times.

·         Adults should oversee project set-up and be available to assist students with any complications that may arise.

·         It is important that an adult should be available to cover or to arrange for cover for students, especially those entered in the Individual section. All students should be given breaks from their stands.

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