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Primary Schools PE Xpo Entry Information

Entry Fee: 

Click on ‘ENTER NOW’ Tab on the PE xpo website and Complete the application form. Pay €20 entry fee PER CLASS. 


How to Enter:  Please email the name of the school, the class, the class teacher and a telephone number to and follow the instructions on page 3 of the Primary School Information Booklet 2022.  The Registration closing date is Saturday 18th March  2022.

IPPEA Prizes: €50 voucher for the class teacher and €200 sports equipment voucher for the winning class for PE equipment purchase. There are also 2nd and 3rd prize awards.

The Project Brief: The primary school PExpo theme is 'What we have learned in Physical Education'. The teacher, with a selection of children, present their project as outlined on the PE Xpo website > Project Info Tab > Teachers Booklet, on the PE Xpo day via Zoom. The children will keep a Physical Education Diary to record their learning based on Head, Heart, and Hands (Head= Cognitive/ Knowledge learning, Heart= Affective/Emotional learning and Hands (or other body parts)= Physical learning). The children will highlight their learning in a diary through the Head, Heart and Hands learning process. Sample diary is provided here. 

Primary Schools Information Booklet 2022

PE Photo Diary

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