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The third annual Physical Education Exhibition takes place place at Trinity Comprehensive School, Ballymun on Wednesday the 8th of March 2017. Students from around the country are invited to showcase their knowledge and understanding of the theory of Physical Education. Last years PE Expo saw many students from all over Ireland exhibiting 45 PE related projects.

Students are invited to enter their project for exhibition on the day. The event takes place in association with the Physical Education Association of Ireland (P.E.A.I.),, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin City Council, The Herald and Celtic Sports Academy. If you would like to apply then send an email to our email address and we will send an editable application form to you which you can simply fill out and email back or send to the mailing address below.

FAO: Paddy O'Reilly,

PEXPO Ireland,

Trinity Comprehensive,


Ballymun Road,

Dublin 9.

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