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PE Xpo to Engage Students

Getting and keeping children involved in sport is one of the major challenges that defines a national approach to sport.

It’s about more than media, more than a professional career and much more than watching people play on a TV without being active.

The annual PE Expo for 2017 was launched yesterday with support from Sport for Business members Dublin City Council, Trinity College Sports and Independent News and Media.

Over the coming weeks all 750 secondary schools across the country will be invited to submit projects across areas including games development, physical activity, mental wellbeing, nutrition and psychology.

The Expo itself will take place in Ballymun on Wednesday March 8th.

The website for the Expo at was designed by three students from Cobh who won the Best IT project at last year’s Expo for a programme showing how healthy diet and exercise can combat stress, depression and anxiety.

Over 1000 students are expected to attend from upwards of 150 schools.

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